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Welcome to Tripoto Family!

If you're someone who has a knack to create amazing travel content and wishes to become the face of India's biggest community of travellers, then you've landed at the right place.

Tripoto Family is a close-knit group of writers, photographers, and videographers who love to explore this wide world and are passionate about creating useful guides, itineraries, travelogues, photoblogs, and vlogs.

We're offering an exclusive Creator Mentorship Programme, where Tripoto's in-house team will guide you in polishing your skills and help you get featured across various social media platforms. Not just that, but you'll also get to bag some exciting campaigns & branded work, travel barters, and work on web shows with us!

Tripoto Family is where you learn essential skills to grow exponentially as a creator!


Once you become a Tripoto Family member, you get access to some exclusive benefits specially reserved for seasoned creators. These benefits include:

  • 100% credits redemption on Tripoto’s handpicked and artistically curated Mindful Retreats,
  • Up to INR 8,000 off on Holiday Packages listed on Tripoto’s website,
  • Opportunities to work with big players like Singapore Tourism Board, Dubai Tourism Board, Niyo Global Card and so much more. 
  • You also win a spot for your work getting featured on Tripoto’s social media platforms.


What else is there in store for you once you become a part of the Tripoto Family?


Tripoto Family is designed in a way that at each level of your content creation journey, you become eligible for a comprehensive Mentorship Program. Learn and polish your skills under the guidance of Tripoto Experts, and grow exponentially as a travel content creator.


Tripoto Family members have grown manifolds. They have been recognized globally and are now working on big branded projects.


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Eligibility for becoming A Tripoto Family Member

  • You need to have at least 10 - 12 good-quality and approved articles shared on your Tripoto profile to apply for becoming a part of the Tripoto Family as a writer
  • If you’re a photographer/ videographer, you’d need 20 + approved content pieces (photo blogs, with a minimum of 5 photos per blog/ reels/ videos) on your Tripoto profile in order to become eligible for applying to be a part of the family. 
  • A minimum of 1000 followers on your Tripoto profile.

Pro Tip: Share your Tripoto Profile on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and YouTube Community section to gain more followers. We know, it works!


As a "Quality Content Creator," you are either a:

  • Writer who writes detailed articles that are either experience-based or research-based (Your article should be helpful for travellers who are planning a trip). Apart from that, it needs to be grammatically correct, without spelling errors, and have images that fit well with the article or,
  • A photographer/videographer, your content should narrate a story, and create an impact. Make sure to upload high-quality images in JPEG format, or MP4 videos/ reels. All photos/videos must have proper captions.


Here are some guidelines on how to make your content useful for the audience.

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