There are 11 Long Weekends in 2023 & We Have Planned The Perfect Getaway for Each

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1. Republic Day Weekend

26 January, Thursday: Republic Day (National Holiday)

27 January, Friday: Take the day off

28 January, Saturday: Weekend

29 January, Sunday: Weekend

Where to Go

Take a ride across the all-weather Atal tunnel from Manali to enter an enchanting snow land in Sissu. Play by the scintillating blue stream here. Read more about Sissu in Divyangna's blog.

2. Ram Navami Weekend

March 30, Thursday: Ram Navami (Restricted Holiday)

March 31, Friday: Take Leave

April 1, Saturday: Weekend

April 2, Sunday: Weekend

Where to Go

To soak in some religion and cool splashes of water, Rishikesh is an ideal destination to visit in the spring season. Read more about Rishikesh in Debaprita's article.

3. Good Friday Weekend

April 7, Friday: Good Friday (Public Holiday)

April 8, Saturday: Weekend

April 9: Sunday: Weekend

Where to Go

The 100% organic state of Sikkim offers travellers the delight of greenery as well as snow. While Gangtok will be coloured with the spring flowers, Tsomgo at a distance of few hours will still be covered in white sheets of snow. Read more about East Sikkim in this article by Sreshti.

4. Buddha Purnima Weekend

May 5, Friday: Buddha Purnima

May 6, Saturday: Weekend

May 7: Sunday: Weekend

Where to Go?

Beat the heat with some cool adventure in the mountains of Himachal. Go paragliding in Bir. If adventure is not your thing, you can still have an amazing experience enjoying the gastronomical and cultural scene here. Read more about Bir Billing in Yattin's blog.

5. Bakr-Eid Weekend

June 29, Thursday: Bakr-Eid (Public Holiday)

June 30, Friday: Take a leave

July 1, Saturday: Weekend

July 2: Sunday: Weekend

Where to Go

Why avoid monsoon when you can relish it at its full splendor? Watch the abode of clouds come alive when it pours in Meghalaya. Read more about Meghalaya in Anila's article.

6. Muharram weekend

July 28, Friday: Muharram (Public Holiday)

July 29, Saturday: Weekend

July 30, Sunday: Weekend

Where to Go?

Enjoy the beauty of nature as Coorg envelopes itself in a verdant shroud. Watch the droplets trickle down through leaves or get playful under a waterfall. Read more about Coorg in Aparajita's article.

7. Independence Day Weekend

Aug 12, Saturday: Weekend

August 13, Sunday: Weekend

August 14, Monday: Take a leave

August 15, Tuesday: Independence Day (National Holiday)

Where to Go?

'Phoolon ki Ghati' opens for tourism for a short season during the monsoons before and after which it is covered with snow. An ideal place fir not just nature lovers but religious pilgrims the Valley of Flowers is indeed heaven on earth. Read more about the Valley of Flowers in Kamakshi's article.

8. Gandhi Jayanti Long Weekend

Sep 30, Saturday: Weekend

Oct 1, Sunday: Weekend

Oct 2, Monday: Gandhi Jayanti (National Holiday)

Where to Go?

Pack your bags for a treasure trail from the past. Hampi offers a delightful dive into our rich cultural heritage right in the middle of nature. Read more about Hampi in Debjani's article.

9. Dussehra Long Weekend

Oct 21, Saturday: Weekend

Oct 22, Sunday: Weekend

Oct 23, Monday: Navami (Optional Leave)

Oct 24, Tuesday: Dussehra (Gazetted Holiday)

Where to Go?

With perfect temperature and a mesmerising view, let Isha center welcome you with its blissful environs amidst gentle peaks and green surroundings. Explore neighbouring towns to experience the beauty of Nilgiris. Read more about Isha Center in Tanushekha's article.

10. Guru Purnima Long Weekend

Nov 25, Saturday: Weekend

Nov 26, Sunday: Weekend

Nov 27, Monday: Guru Nanak Birthday (Optional Holiday)

Where to Go?

While the ultimate holiday destination - Goa is popular during the Christmas break, why spend so much when you can enjoy better prices with lesser crowds and the same weather in late November. Read more about Goa here.

11. Christmas Long Weekend

Dec 23, Saturday: Weekend

Dec 24, Sunday: Weekend

Dec 25, Monday: Christmas (Public Holiday)

Do not restrict your leaves to just the official holidays but take a few days more to explore the beauty of Vietnam. With organised tours for not just couples and families but for backpackers as well, travel to this gem of Southeast Asia has become super easy and economical. So end the year with a high with Vietnam. Read more about Vietnam in Archana's article.

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