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When you plan to visit a country like Spain which hosts such a staggering variety of landscapes, food, wine, shopping, culture and vivid nightlife, you need an itinerary that will take you through the best of all that it has to offer.

Mountains or beaches? Spain has both to offer, along with some of the best art in the world, grand architecture, rich culture and lush vineyards for wine that complements the flavours of Spanish cuisine. These questions will lead you through the perfect activities as the day progresses. 

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1. Start your morning on a sweet note! The famous San Gines in Madrid serves cups of thick chocolate and _______. Name this delicious dish that’ll have you ordering seconds!

Hint: This light pastry is deep-fried in oil and topped up with a sprinkling of sugar.

2. After breakfast, head to this open-air shopping area known as the _________ which is one of a collection of 11 global shopping destinations. Explore its restaurants, boutiques and high-end global brands. Where would you likely be?

Hint: This is located at the foot of Madrid’s Sierra Norte mountains. 


Mercado Central
El Corte Inglés
Calle Feria
Laz Rozas Village
3. One of the must-see spots in Seville is the _________, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spend your morning hours to gaze awestruck at its tile-covered rooms, gardens, luxurious chambers and more.

Hint: This place was portrayed as the palace of Dorne in the Game of Thrones series.

Plaza de Toros
Castell de Santa Florentina
Alcazar Palace
Seville Cathedral
4. Tap into the pulse of lively San Sebastian at this plaza located in the heart of Old Town. Soak in the feel of the place with a seat at one of the many tapas bars lining this space on a balmy afternoon.

Hint: Important festivals and events like the lively drum festival of Tamborrada and the festival of Saint Thomas take place here.

Plaza de la Constitución
La Parte Vieja
Plaza de Armas
5. Take a sunny stroll in this public park that feels like you’ve stepped into a whimsical wonderland with spiral towers and structures studded with mosaic and ceramic. This vision was crowned as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984.

Hint: Pat the head of the famous mosaic salamander also known as ‘El Drac’, the dragon here.

Ciutadella Park
Park Güell
The Horta Labyrinth Park
Cervantes Park
6. Stroll into this maze of a market full of Arab silks, spices and stained glass lamps where you won’t be able to resist picking up a souvenir. One of the oldest markets in Granada, this place was a Moorish silk market. Name the market!

Hint: This market was sadly burned down in 1843, but was carefully and beautifully reconstructed later to preserve its original architecture and look.

Alcaicería market
Plaza Larga market
Mercadillo Dominical
Zaidín market
7. Satiate hunger pangs with this hearty dish made up of rice, vegetables, meat, seafood and seasoned with saffron that lends it a golden hue. Identify this dish!

Hint: This popular and delicious dish is widely considered as Spain’s national dish.

8. As the sun sinks behind the horizon in Seville, the evening comes alive with a variety of activities - one of the best things to do is catching a show to watch this glorious Spanish dance form. Which dance form is this?

Hint: An art form from the gypsy communities of Andalusia, this spirited dance involves flair, finger-snapping, hand-clapping to songs and the strains of the guitar.

Paso doble
9. On Spain’s south-eastern coastline, lies the best place to be as the night gets younger! This party island of Spain is full of dynamic nightclubs, seaside tapas bars and food. Where are you most likely to be?

Hint: This Balearic Island is also a UNESCO World Heritage site with beautiful beaches like Cala d’Hort, among others. 

10. If one of your favourite activities at night is stargazing, then head to _____ which is famous for this activity owing to its lack of light pollution. A beautiful end to a beautiful trip!

Hint: This place holds Mount Teide, Spain’s tallest peak and a dormant volcano where stargazing is a popular attraction.

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