Abandoned by Friends, Here’s How I Spent My Bachelorette Alone in Singapore

Photo of Abandoned by Friends, Here’s How I Spent My Bachelorette Alone in Singapore by Marzia Kashyap

It was supposed to be a BIG BACHELORETTE trip that I had signed up for, with my besties. Little did I know, that once I land up in this beautiful destination that we had chosen together, I’d be left all by myself.

I’ve never been on a solo trip before this - and I wasn’t even prepared for this! When I got to know about their ‘surprise plan’, it came to me as a shock. With a bunch of mixed emotions running through my veins, I wondered whether I should board the next flight back to Delhi, or take a chance at exploring what Singapore has to offer.

Glad I chose the latter because it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.

So, come along and watch how my adventure unfolded as I ended up spending my bachelorette alone in Singapore.

Day 1:

Long Bar, Singapore

Photo of Long Bar, Singapore by Marzia Kashyap

There was no better way to kick-start this epic solo adventure than by sipping on a Singapore Sling! And what could have been a better place than The Long Bar at Raffles, Singapore?

The Long Bar is globally renowned as the birthplace of Singapore’s signature cocktail - and they also have a 100-year-old tradition of throwing peanut shells on the floor, as you munch on the bar snack! Sounds fun, right?

Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck

After a couple of drinks, I stepped out to glance at the shimmering city. Standing on the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands, my heart felt full, as I watched the hustle & bustle from above, and the glimmering city lights making Singapore look breathtakingly beautiful.

Fact check: Marina Bay Sands Sky Park has the world's longest elevated swimming pool which is 146 meters long.

Day 2:

Breakfast at I Am Cafe

Photo of I am..., Singapore by Marzia Kashyap

I needed a dose of caffeine before starting my day - and I Am seemed to be that perfect breakfast place. Tucked amidst the graffiti-laden Haji Lane, this cafe is quite popular amongst locals, and I instantly knew the reason, when I sipped on my coffee!

Arab Street

Photo of Arab Street, Singapore by Marzia Kashyap

As I paused to click a ‘gram-worthy photo of the Sultan Mosque, I stumbled upon a lady who runs a shop on the famous Arab Street. She insisted on visiting her shop - and gave me the best mantra to explore Singapore.

“You shouldn’t go with your phone. In fact, without the phone, you can explore more things on Arab Street” - she said and I carried her words along with me, as I decided to keep my phone aside.

Filled with an eclectic mix of boutique stores selling handicraft items, accessories, textiles, and home furnishing from the Middle East - Arab Street is a must-visit place for trendy fashionistas, street photographers, and art enthusiasts.

Dinner at Lau Pa Sat

Photo of Lau Pa Sat, Singapore by Marzia Kashyap

After a long day of hopping around the streets of Singapore, it was time to grab a hearty meal - and I decided to hit a hawkers’ market for some authentic delicacies. Lau Pa Sat it was! Dating back to the previous century, this is one of the most popular food markets in the city.

Over dinner, I also met a bunch of lovely ladies. They are right when they say that you always end up meeting the best people on the roads!

Day 3:

Lower Peirce Reservoir

Photo of Lower Peirce Reservoir, Singapore by Marzia Kashyap

Cycled down the quaint trails of Lower Peirce Reservoir, which happens to be Singapore's second-oldest reservoir, and soaked in the silence. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my day.

As I slowed down to witness the beauty of nature, I was greeted by the chirping of birds and the swaying of leaves. The breeze sang a lullaby and I fell asleep amidst the forest. And when I woke up, it seemed like time had paused for a while.

Museum of Ice Cream

Photo of Museum of Ice Cream Singapore, Singapore by Marzia Kashyap
Photo of Abandoned by Friends, Here’s How I Spent My Bachelorette Alone in Singapore by Marzia Kashyap

“The most magical place in the world” - they said! And I couldn’t agree more. Felt like all my childhood dreams were coming true in one place. Fooling and jumping around with the kids there, my inner child felt alive - all over again!

I created my own ice cream and named it ‘Mars-mellow’ - oh, what fun it was!

Marina Barrage

Photo of Marina Barrage, Singapore by Marzia Kashyap

In the evening, I found another hidden gem where the locals go for picnics and flying kites. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, I soaked in the serenity, witnessing the beautiful sunset hues that painted the sky.

Ce La Vi, Marina Bay Sands

Photo of CÉ LA VI Singapore - Rooftop Restaurant & Bar, Singapore by Marzia Kashyap

Ended my second day in the city with my new-found friends, drinking and dancing at Ce La Vi - one of the most chique sky bars in Singapore.

Day 4:

Merlion Park

Photo of Merlion Park, Singapore by Marzia Kashyap
Photo of Abandoned by Friends, Here’s How I Spent My Bachelorette Alone in Singapore by Marzia Kashyap

It was time to bring my best bud out of the satchel - my camera! And there I was, at Merlion Park, clicking photographs of the city and its people.

And guess what? I met Hafiz there, who taught me the hacks of skateboarding. What can be better than trying something new while exploring a foreign land?

Shopping at Limited Edt Vault

A paradise for sneaker lovers, this is a one-stop boutique shop! I was in love with a couple of shoes and ended up buying one for myself.

Lunch at Absurdities

Photo of Abandoned by Friends, Here’s How I Spent My Bachelorette Alone in Singapore by Marzia Kashyap
Photo of Abandoned by Friends, Here’s How I Spent My Bachelorette Alone in Singapore by Marzia Kashyap

Ever heard of a multiverse diner? Well well, I found the most absurd restaurant in Singapore and ended up enjoying a one-of-a-kind dining experience. We had to travel through spaces that made us climb and crawl while savoring the lip-smacking food that was served at each level.

While I was in search of a fine-dining experience, I ended up having a fun-dining one!

Scentopia, Sentosa

Photo of Scentopia - Scent Making, Team Building Workshop at new attraction in Siloso Beach Sentosa, SG, Singapore by Marzia Kashyap

In Sentosa, I landed up at this DIY perfumery - where one can customize their perfumes as per their personality traits. It was indeed a delightful experience and I got one customized perfume for my fiancé.

I always thought there was only so much one can do when left alone. But, every experience so far had proved me wrong. I was in love with my own company.

Day 5:

Ola Beach Club, Sentosa

Photo of Ola Beach Club, Singapore by Marzia Kashyap
Photo of Abandoned by Friends, Here’s How I Spent My Bachelorette Alone in Singapore by Marzia Kashyap

Trying new things became the USP of my trip and this morning, I went out paddling and learned the hacks & tricks of how to let loose!

After a quick meal post-paddling, I decided to beat my fear of heights.

iFly, Singapore

Photo of iFly Singapore, Singapore by Marzia Kashyap

And there I was, at iFly - which is the world's largest indoor skydive tunnel, to experience the thrill of skydiving. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself doing this, but as I was free-falling, facing the South China Sea, it felt worthy.

Singapore Flyer & Gardens by the Bay

Photo of Gardens by the Bay, Singapore by Marzia Kashyap
Photo of Abandoned by Friends, Here’s How I Spent My Bachelorette Alone in Singapore by Marzia Kashyap

I knew my trip to Singapore would be incomplete without taking a ride on the iconic Singapore Flyer and seeing the colours of dusk paint the city was overwhelming.

And then, I walked down to Gardens by the Bay - a magical plant kingdom, thriving at the heart of the city! Lying on the grass, I watched the Light & Sound Show. It was magical, to say the least.

Day 6:

It was my last day in Singapore, and it seemed as if time had passed by the wink of an eye.

AJ Hackett, Bungy Jumping

Photo of Skypark Sentosa by AJ Hackett, Singapore by Marzia Kashyap

Skydiving wasn’t enough, and I wanted to take another step to beat my fear of heights - and this time, I chose to go for bungy! And thus, I landed at AJ Hackett, Bungy Jumping, and leaped from a height of 47 metres.

I won’t lie, my heart did skip a beat.

Brunch at Summerhouse Beach Club

Photo of Summerhouse Beach Club, Singapore by Marzia Kashyap

A good adventure must end with a good meal - and thus, it was time to grab a bite at Summerhouse, that’s very close to the bungy station.

Intan Museum

Photo of The Intan, Singapore by Marzia Kashyap

While walking down Joo Chiat, I heard a beautiful tune being played and as I walked inside, I found a postcard-perfect home (that looked more like a museum). To add to my surprise, the host who was playing the piano, welcomed me and said that his house was indeed a museum - The Intan, and he aims to preserve the unique Peranakan Culture.

Not only did he show me his collection of antiques, but he also told me some great stories about his culture and taught me how to make a Peranakan snack, that we both enjoyed together.

Royal Albatross Cruise

Photo of Royal Albatross - Luxury Tall Ship, Singapore by Marzia Kashyap

A perfect end to my solo bachelorette trip and I couldn’t have asked for more! As I sailed on this luxury yacht, watching the sunset and recollecting the memories of the last few days, I felt complete.

This trip taught me how to live in the moment and enjoy the little things in life.

Singapore, you were amazing!

And a toast to my journey in Singapore, On My Own.

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