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Goa Tour Packages

Located on the western coast of India, Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations across the country. Being a beach paradise, Goa tour offers some picturesque views of the Arabian Sea along with portraying the beauty of long stretches of sand.


Goa holiday packages bring forth a long list of tourist spots, cafes, resorts and nightlife options to explore the beauty of place during the Goa trip. Also, the aquatic life around western ghats, being an abode to various kinds of species of plants and animals will amaze you for sure.


Check out Goa holiday tour packages for the best Goa tour.

Goa Highlights

Goa tour packages typically include local sightseeing tours of South and North Goa as well as Panjim. Panjim or Panaji is the capital city of Goa and is located in the heart of the state. This is where history seekers spend most of their time since it’s home to a number of splendid marvels. Among the most popular ones, travellers must include Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Fontainhas and Sao Tome and the Archaeological Museum in Goa tour packages. The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is located on a small hill and is among the oldest churches in Goa. With impressive interiors and uniquely constructed stairs, the church is also home to the second-largest bell in Goa. If you happen to visit during Christmas, you’ll be taken in by the beauty of the church which is lit up with a thousand lights to welcome the festival.


At the same time, the Basilica of Bom Jesus church is included in most Goa tour packages for its brilliant baroque architectural and historical significance. The oldest church in the state, it has the remains of St.Francis Xavier who founded the Society of Jesus. A World Heritage Site, a tour of Panaji is incomplete without a visit here. Panjim is also home to a few beaches including Miramar Beach and Bambolim Beach which definitely should be part of Goa holiday packages. Counted among the lesser-known beaches of Goa, if you are looking for a quiet and relaxed experience, these two beaches can be a part of Goa tour packages.


The most important region in all Goa tour packages is North Goa. Full of small cafes serving world cuisines, busy markets, lively nightclubs and crowded beaches, North Goa is arguably the more commercial and crowded part of Goa. For those who are looking for an action-packed vacation, this part of the city should be included in Goa tour packages. Considered to be the pulse of the state, North Goa has everything from stunning beaches, water sports, delicious food to picturesque cafes, vibrant nightclubs and great markets. Baga, Calangute and Candolim are some of the most visited beaches in North Goa and are popular for great food and stunning sunsets. Baga and Candolim are also known for the water sports hosted here and you’ll spot a number of enthusiasts at all times. One can try banana boat rides, parasailing and scooter rides at nominal costs. Baga is also special for food lovers since it’s home to some of North Goa’s most popular eating joints and is the perfect place to try local cuisine. We highly recommend that Brittos should be on all Goa tour packages and one should not miss the delicious Goan prawn xacuti curry served here.


North Goa is also home to a few quiet beaches which are gaining popularity but owing to the distance from the centre, they are still relatively unexplored. Anjuna, Ashwem, Vagator and Arambol are some of the most stunning beaches in North Goa and you can head here to enjoy authentic Goan cuisine amidst the peace and quiet. Fort Aguada is another popular spot included in Goa tour packages. An erstwhile Portuguese fort, the fort today serves as a vantage point to admire the azure waters of the sea. It’s a great spot if you enjoy photography and exploring the remnants of a rich historical past.


South Goa is slowly becoming a popular part of Goa tour packages. A preferred destination for luxury travellers, South Goa is home to a number of mesmerising beaches, hidden getaways, wildlife sanctuaries, spiritual retreats and spice farms. It offers travellers a quiet and peaceful escape from the daily humdrum and lets one reconnect with nature. While Colva and Palolem are the most popular beaches in Goa, the region is also home to Velsao beach, Siridao beach, Bogmalo beach, Cola and Betul beach. All these beaches are a part of offbeat Goa tour packages and are a huge relief from overcrowded beaches. For luxury travellers, South Goa has a plethora of options with respect to accommodation and one can include sprawling, health and spa resorts in their Goa tour packages. On the other hand, if you are travelling on a tight budget, South Goa can come to your rescue with its numerous beach shacks lining most beaches. Offering basic comforts, these shacks are a great way to interact with locals and enjoy the simple joys in life.

Goa Travel Blogs

Goa is one of India’s most popular destinations and there is a lot of information available on the web which can help you plan your Goa trip better. However, if you are looking for a unique experience with the perfect combination of popular and offbeat destinations, we recommend going through Goa travel blogs available on Tripoto. These personal experiences can help you plan your vacation and also help in choosing the right Goa tour packages according to your interests.


“That night was the most incredible night ever! The beach shacks were lit in sparkling lights and I could hear countryside music playing in the background.” – Madhumita Chatterjee


“Mapusa market is not for tourists but gives a sneak-peek into Goan life. It’s especially huge on Thursdays and villagers from surrounding villages come to sell their products.” – Anchal Tyagi


“One needs to visit all the clubs in Goa which offer amazing ambience and experience. You may be amazed to know that each club plays a different type of music. Some of the Clubs play only bollywood, some play only English POP, whereas some play only Classic and the list goes on.” –Kaushik Rao

Goa Weather and Best Time to Visit 

Owing to its abundant natural beauty, one could say that Goa is a year-round destination. Typically, it’s not a good idea to visit a beach destination during monsoon, however, Goa sees a number of budget travellers during this time owing to low prices of Goa holiday packages. The months between April and July are considered to be off-season, yet the trickle of travellers never ceases. If you happen to plan a visit during this time, you can enjoy cheap Goa tour packages and great rates on hotels and resorts.


October is the beginning of peak season in Goa. Due to Christmas and New Year, the months between December and March see a huge number of tourists. The Goa Carnival is hosted in the month of February and also attracts a large number of foreign tourists. If you are travelling on a shoe-string budget, we suggest visiting Goa in the summer season when Goa holiday packages are cheap. If you are looking at a luxurious trip, then the best time to visit Goa is between December and February.

Goa for Friends and Couples

Goa is one of the top destinations to visit with friends. In fact, customised Goa tour packages offer unique experiences such as snorkelling, water sports and hiking for large groups at reasonable prices. North Goa is more popular with groups since there are lots of  activities, cafes and beach clubs to keep everyone busy. If you are travelling with friends during the peak season, remember to book Goa packages well in advance for the best discounts.


Breathtaking sunsets, surreal beauty, finger-licking good food, shopping and history – Goa has all the ingredients for an ideal romantic vacation. In fact, if the popularity of Goa tour packages for couples is anything to go by, one could assume that Goa is one of the best honeymoon destinations in India.

Goa Local Cuisine

A food lover’s paradise, the local cuisine in Goa is one of the reasons for its rising popularity. Influenced by a number of cuisines including Malabar, Malaysian and Konkan, Goan cuisine is a unique blend of spicy and flavoursome. Owing to its geographical location, seafood in Goa is fresh and a delight for non-vegetarians. Most local dishes use quite a bit of coconut, so if you aren’t fond of a rich, creamy taste, you may want to steer clear of xacuti curries. 


While fish curry with rice is a staple Goan diet, there are different renditions of fish curries which differ from place to place. Among the local Goan dishes, we recommend trying prawn xacuti, Goan fish curry, Goan pork vindaloo, sorak and everyone’s favourite – bebinca.


If seafood and coconut-rich food is not something you are fond of, Goa will not disappoint you. Most restaurants are multi-cuisine and serve a wide variety of dishes from across the world. So if you are craving a pizza or a cheesy bowl of pasta, Goa will pleasantly surprise you.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are numerous beaches in Goa and depending on your interests, you can either choose to spend time on a quiet beach or head out to explore a lively one. Our top recommendations for beaches that should be a part of Goa tour packages are Vagator Beach, Candolim Beach, Ashwem Beach, Palolem Beach and Morjim Beach.

If you are travelling to Goa with little ones, you can include a number of activities in your Goa tour packages, besides a trip to the beach. If nature and adventure are on your mind, you can visit a spice plantation, head out for a dolphin-watching tour at Palolem and visit the stunning Butterfly Sanctuary. One can also include hiking, trekking or a visit to the amusement parks in their Goa tour packages. 

Goa tour packages can cost anywhere between Rs.25,000 to Rs.1,10,000 depending on the kind of Goa packages you choose. 

Choosing the best Goa tour packages will depend on your interests and budget. Ensure that the package gives you at least four to seven days in the state and offers local sightseeing tours of all important places. If you have set aside a decent budget for your Goa vacation, you can also look at Goa tour packages which include accommodation and transport. 

While beaches are the most popular places in Goa, the state offers a lot more. You can include Old Goa, Reis Magos Fort, Dudhsagar Falls, Chapora Fort, Mollem National Park and Arvalem Waterfalls as part of your Goa tour packages.

Goa tour packages with airfare can cost anywhere between Rs.35,000 to Rs.90,000 depending on the season and the kind of Goa package you choose. 

Goa is well connected with a remarkable network of roads. The most popular way for tourists to get around the city is by renting cars, bikes and scooters. If you don’t feel like driving around the state, you can also rent a car with a driver or choose public transport. However, it is recommended to hire a car or a bike since it gives one the freedom to explore the city. If you have booked Goa tour packages, you don’t need to worry about transport, since it’ll be a part of your Goa holiday packages. 

The best places to eat in Goa are Thalassa, Bomra’s, Tuscany Gardens, Gunpowder, The Verandah and Mum's Kitchen.