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Andaman and Nicobar islands is an archipelago of around 1000 islands sitting off India’s eastern coast. Nearly 1000 kms from mainland India, this beach paradise has become one of India’s most desired destinations. And if you are a fan of planned travels and hasssle-free holidaying experiences,  opting for an Andaman tour package is the way to go.


Being an epitome of picture-perfect beach destination, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Andaman & Nicobar islands from all over the world every year to experience the beach vibes and rich culture. True to the hype, Andaman and Nicobar islands offer a wide range of things to do for almost each kind of traveller. Water sports, trekking, and boat rides are some great activites for adventure lovers, and white sandy beaches and cozy restaurants welcome laid-back vacationers.


So, if you are someone who wants to explore these gorgeous islands in Indian Ocean without compromising on comfort and safety, Andaman tour packages offered by Tripoto just make it easier and simpler than ever. These packages include number of facilities such as sightseeing tours, outdoor activities, luxurious and comfortable accommodations, and transfers. So, why wait when you can book yourself a great Andaman and Nicobar island tour package right now!

Andaman Highlights

Being one of the most sought after beach destinations in India, Andaman tour package including airfare is something that sells like hotcakes more often than not, for there are a number of exciting things to be expeienced in these islands. Apart from the exquisite natural beauty, Andaman and Nicobar treat tourists with a sumtuous blend of rich Indian culture, toothsome food, pleasant weather, and astonishing beach vibe.


Although everything is unique and special, there are some Andaman tourism highlights that simply stand out and are, therefore, require a special mention. Havelock Island is one place you must not miss while holidaying in Andaman and Nicobar. The mesmerising sights from Radhnagar Beach at Havelock Island is a sight to behold. Any Andaman trip is incomplete without visiting Neil Island and Ross Island. A visit to the historic Cellular Jail where British used to torture Indian freedom fighters is the most prominent historic sight in Andaman and Nicobar islands. Chidiya Tapu at Port Blair in Andaman is the place to enjoy bird watching as a wide variety of birds this little island, making it a must-have experience for all who choose to book Andaman holiday packages.

Andaman Itineraries

There are host of interesting things to do and places to visit in Andaman and Nicobar for almost every traveller, which means that the tour itinerary of your Andaman package must be best optimised according to what you actually wish to experience.


A perfectly curated and customizable tour itinerary not only allows you to get the best of your holiday but also renders you the exact experiences you are interested in. Most of Andaman tour packages offered at Tripoto platform are created by the travel experts keeping in view the interests and choices for almost all kinds of travellers; romantic, adventurers, family, solo, and group. This ensures that travellers who visit Tripoto before booking their respective Andaman Nicobar tour packages, have something special in store for them.

Recent Reviews About Andaman and Nicobar

Reading travellers’ reviews before booking your Andaman tour package really helps, especially if the opinions expressed are genuine and not tampered with.


And if you look forward to reading real reviews by real travellers about Andaman and Nicobar as well, you must visit Tripoto. At Tripoto, it’s made sure that reviews are by actual travellers for those who really want to get some inside information about Andaman and Nicobar islands without having to spend a lot of time collecting authentic information. Queries like, 'whether you should book an Andaman tour package including airfare or just the package' get easily answered by such genuine traveller reviews. Thus, it not only saves a lot of time but also brings you close to exploring the place like a local during your Andaman holiday.

When you're in Andamans you truly understand what they mean by untouched beauty. We began our trip at Port Blair, and the port capital is as quaint as they can get. The locals are friendly, the air sultry, the wind cold, and the nights magical.<br>
Travel for me has always been a simple act - pack a bag and leave! And the first choice has always been hills. I am a complete mountain baby and I run to the hills at the very first chance that I get. But this one was different. It was Amma's 60 th birthday and we had to plan something special for her. After a lot of brainstorming, we finalized on Andamans. I was extremely apprehensive - this was my first exotic trip to the beaches and also, what are beaches in comparison to mountains, right?!<br> But all this and many other doubts and worries were about to be shattered in this 5 day trip. Here is one such trippy account - A Mountain Girl On An Island.<br> We started our journey at 3:30am on a Saturday morning. Our ( Go Air) flight was at 5:30am, a connecting one - with a stopover at Kolkata. We landed in Port Blair at around 11:30am. The airport was tiny! I kid you not! It looked like a mini-model of a wannabe cool and hep airport that could unfortunately never see the light of approval! After waiting at the luggage belt for 20 minutes and patiently dealing with the crowd, we finally exited.<br> We had booked the package through Travel Triangle and the tour agency guide was at the exit door to pick us up. While our representative Mr. Debashish walked us through the itinerary, our driver Mr. Zaheer dropped us at our hotel in Port Blair, J Hotel. We were extremely picky while choosing our hotel in Port Blair as one of my friends had pre-warned me about the fact that there is no co-relation with the star (*2/3/4/5 star) and the services offered. but thankfully, J Hotel turned out to be fab in terms of customer service. The wifi sucks here but the ever smiling and thoughtful staff makes it up for it. The guard, Mr. Dharma is one kind soul and his infectious smile can totally make your day!<br> Our room (105) was spacious and had a huge dressing table! We freshened up and ordered lunch from the hotel restaurant - Rice, Fish curry & crunchy munchy papad was finger licking good! No offence to Mr. Colonel Sanders and his chain of Kentucky Fried Chicken stores, but the chef at J Hotel changed my definition of finger licking good!<br> Later on, we headed to Chidiya Tapu Beach. It was a 40 minute drive from J Hotel. Also known as Sunset Point and Bird Island, it is one of the best places to see the sunset in Port Blair.<br> The road to the beach crisscrosses through dense jungle that opens up along the coastline a few times. There are "beware of crocodile" signboards at the beach. Mr. Zaheer informed us that prior to the Tsunami that hit the area in 2004, these crocodiles were kept in a zoo next to the beach. But after the Tsunami, well, the mighty creatures were back to their original home and hence the sign board. The authorities have marked a portion of the beach and the visitors can only walk around in that area. Although it was cloudy, the setting sun had left the sky blushing.<br>
Three hundred tiny and beautiful islands come together to form this stunning archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. The Andaman and Nicobar islands have everything from pristine white-sand beaches to mangrove forests, making it one of the most popular destinations amongst travellers around the world.<br> Mesmerizing Andaman – Ex Port Blair (6 Days/5 Nights)<br> Quick itinerary: Port Blair – Havelock Island – Port Blair<br> You pay: Rs 17,749; spouse pays: Rs 5,325<br> (Click here to book now.)<br>
It is a paradise on an affordable budget that will leave you mesmerized.<br> These few points will be handy while you plan your trip to Andaman.<br> 1. Carry a BSNL sim if you wish to stay connected because the other networks don’t have signal on the island.<br> 2. Check if your resort offers WIFI beforehand if you wish to be connected.<br> 3. Pre-book your ferry’s and accommodations to avoid last minute hassles.<br> 4. Carry liquid cash because cards are not accepted in most places.<br> 5. Avoid spending too much time in Port Blair unless you want to explore the history of Andaman.<br> 6. Don't fall prey to the day trip visit to Havelock or Neil island. You will be lead only to crowded places like Radhanagar Beach.<br> 7. Spend atleast 1 night in Havelock or Neil Island to acquire a complete island experience and discover the beauty.<br> 8. Hindi is the main mode of communication in the island.<br> 9. Prefer Elephanta Beach in Havelock over North Bay Beach or Jolly Buoy Island in Port Blair for discovering the underwater world.<br> 10. Try going to Baratang Island from Port Blair for experiencing a boat ride amongst the mangroves.<br> 11. Try sea walk, scuba diving and snorkeling because all three give a different experience in discovering the underwater world.<br> 12. You don’t need to know swimming for snorkeling. You will be given a float and the instructor will be beside you the entire time.<br> 13. People will bombard you with questions before your sea walk, just ignore them unless you have some big medical issue.<br> 14. Carry an umbrella because island weather is unpredictable.<br> ITINERARY:<br>

More About Andaman

Andaman is home to some of the best beaches in the world and is blessed with abundant sea life. White sand beaches, shimmering blue water and plenty of sunshine - Andaman Islands are like a beach paradise of your dreams. Because of the spectacular setting, Andaman’s are also one of the favourite destinations for newlyweds. If you are looking for a perfect Andaman trip, there are just plethora of great options. 


While the best time to visit Andaman is during the months of December to March, our Andaman holiday packages are available all year long. Andaman is emerging as a great destination especially for families and couples. Island hopping, sunbathing and range of underwater activities will ensure that your Andaman tour is package is full of something for everyone in your group.


Andaman holiday itineraries can be anywhere between 5 to 14 days long. Most Andaman packages will start with a tour of the capital city of Port Blair A short trip to Ross Island and North Bay is also part of the sightseeing activities in the first few days in the tour itinerary. On a longer Andaman tour, the itinerary will usually include a trip to the northern islands - Baratang, Mayabunder and Diglipur. The option of customising Andaman packages is quite simple, too; send in a request and we will connect you to an agent who can update your package to include your specific requests.


The best places to visit in Andaman include Elephant Beach on Havelock island, the Cellular Jail in Port Blair, Neil Island and the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. Andaman Islands are also home to India's only active volcano on Barren Island. Check your Andaman tour itinerary to see if your package includes a trip to Barren Island. Go to Andaman's travel guide page for more information and places to visit.


Andaman Nicobar tour packages usually include the following: Airfare (*as mentioned), Accommodation in a 3 star or a 4 star hotel, breakfast and other meals (as mentioned in the itinerary), sightseeing and transfers (*as mentioned in the itinerary) and a few activities. So, besides helping you explore the place, many other important aspects of travel are also taken care of.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Best time to visit Andaman is during the months of December to March

Yes, Tourism activities have been allowed in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Airtel & BSNL are the two best options in 2021.

Bengali is the most commonly spoken language in Andaman.

5 Nights and 6 Days tour is sufficient to cover all the main sightseeing activities.

11 Amazing Destinations places to visit  You in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

  1. Elephant Beach
  2. Havelock island
  3. Cellular Jail
  4. Neil Island
  5. the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.
  6. Barren Island
  7. Ross Island
  8. North Bay Island
  9. Baratang Island
  10. Viper Island
  11. Ross and Smith Island

20 Beaches

  1. Kala Pathar Beach
  2. Radhanagar Beach
  3. Elephant Beach
  4. Sandbar Beach
  5. Chidiyatapu Beach
  6. Lalaji Bay Beach
  7. Wandoor Beach
  8. Baludera Beach
  9. Aamkunj Beach
  10. Laxmanpur Beach
  11. Bharatpur Beach
  12. Vijaynagar Beach
  13. Red Skin Island Beach
  14. Raman Bageecha Beach
  15. Merk Bay Beach
  16. Sitapur Beach
  17. Kalipur Beach
  18. Avis Island Beach
  19. Butler Bay Beach
  20. Little Andaman beach

Yes its a lovely and perfect time to visit this beautiful piece of Islands

No required passport for indian citizens.

Starting For 6 Days/5 Nights @ ₹ 8,835. EXPLORE ANDAMAN

Andaman is cheaper than the Maldives with hotel, food and other amenities.