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Dubai Tour Packages

Holiday planning doesn't have to be stressful. To save you the hassle, we have curated a selection of Dubai holiday packages. Scroll below and choose a package that best suits your travel style.


Dubai is one of the seven emirates that form the U.A.E. With its gorgeous skyscrapers, vast stretches of desert and almost palpable energy, a Dubai package packs in quite a punch for travellers.


We have all heard stories of luxury and extravagance that Dubai is well known for, we have seen the glittering Burj Khalifa in pictures and have always wanted a slice of this man-made beauty. Our Dubai tour packages promise you all this and more.


Well connected with the rest of the world, Dubai has become a sought-after holiday destination with incredible experiences on offer. To experience its beauty, you can choose one of our customised Dubai packages. 


Situated along the coastline in the Arabian Gulf, the city has become home for people from across the world.


Some shift continents to become a part of this shining reality with lucrative job opportunities and an enviable standard of living and others experience the charm of Dubai with customised Dubai tour packages.


When you visit Dubai for a vacation, you’ll be taken in by the city’s grandeur, culture and beauty. Our Dubai tour packages include a trip to the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest man-made building and also takes you through the city’s other enthralling sites including Dubai fountain, Jumeirah Beach, Atlantis and Palm.


Among other things, our Dubai tour packages also includes a thrilling safari in the desert, skydiving, and camping amidst sand dunes. If you’d like to include sky-diving in your Dubai tour packages, it can cost you an additional Rs.20,000 to Rs.35,000.


While a tandem sky-dive works best for newbies since you’ll be flying with an instructor, Dubai is also known for its professional sky-diving school which allows you to receive a license.


desert safari is a great option if you have booked Dubai tour packages as a couple or with a large group of friends. 


Typically all Dubai tour packages include a cultural extravaganza complete with belly-dancers and a feast of the local cuisine.


So if you have the time and budget, we recommend that you must go for an all inclusive Dubai package. It’s a great way to experience Dubai’s warm hospitality as well as spend time with locals.


If you are the kind of traveller who prefers offbeat experiences, Dubai will not disappoint you. Dubai tour packages suit the choices of all travellers and depending on how you’d like to spend your vacation, your Dubai package can easily be customised.


Dubai has the largest population among the seven emirates and the city has grown tremendously over the last decades owing to its increasing list of exciting experiences as well as traveller-focussed Dubai tour packages.


What started as acres of barren land stands today as one of the most beautiful and luxurious destinations for travellers.




Dubai Highlights

The city of Dubai is full of exciting places to explore and things to do. Dubai tour packages are customised for art lovers, shopping enthusiasts and adventure buffs who are taken in by the varied experiences this city offers. In fact, catering to all kinds of travellers, Dubai holiday packages range from budget to luxurious. An expert travel tip from us would be to choose a Dubai package which gives you a tour of the city as well as places to visit in Dubai near the city.


For art lovers and history buffs, Bastakia Quarter also known as the Al-Fahidi neighbourhood is a great place to start and you must include it in your Dubai package. Built in the 19th century, the quarter was the erstwhile home of wealthy Persian merchants who traded in pearls and textiles. Due to unlimited access to Dubai Creek and low tax liabilities, the area thrived during its time. Taking you through cobbled streets, you will find well-preserved coral and limestone buildings which were once homes and offices for the residents and today are part of all Dubai packages. What keen observers will notice are the pointed wind towers which all houses here support. Functioning as an air-conditioner, the wind tower funnelled all the trapped cool air to the houses to bring relief from Dubai summer. Now, this is one experience you must include in your Dubai tour packages. If you are an art lover, you must also visit Majlis Gallery which preserves Arab ceramics and other knick-knacks from the time. Of course, owing to its growing popularity as a tourist spot in all Dubai tour packages, the area has a number of cafes which serve a variety of international cuisines.


The first on the bucket list for all travellers and part of all Dubai tour packages is the mighty Burj Khalifa. With 57 elevators and eight escalators, the Burj Khalifa stands as Dubai’s symbol of prosperity. For spectacular views of the city, you must head to the 148th floor or the Top and if you’d like to admire the grandeur of Dubai’s man-made marvels, you can sit by the fountain which is illuminated by 6,600 lights. Said to be the world’s second largest constructed fountain, it is one of the biggest attractions for visitors and a big part of all Dubai tour packages. In the evening, the water fountain lights up and surges as high as 150 meters in sync with classical melodies. The choreographed fountain churns out rhythms such as ‘Baba Yetu’ as well as ‘Time to Say Goodbye’. Designed by WET, you can take a closer look at the fountain by booking a traditional boat known as ‘abra’. If you don’t want to miss the cruise, make sure you choose Dubai tour packages which have it included.


With a stunning view of the Persian Gulf, the beautiful Jumeirah Beach should be your next destination. All Dubai tour packages definitely include a trip to the beach so you can relax amidst surreal beauty. A great place to unwind with family and friends, you must stay here for the captivating sunset and the many barbeque joints lining the beach. Another popular beach which is part of Dubai holiday packages is the stunning Umm Suqeim or Sunset beach. Head here for awe-inspiring views of the Burj Al Arab with vibrant skies as a backdrop. Bustling with energy, the beach is close to Surf House and a great option for those interested in surfing.


For water sport enthusiasts, the next beach should be the Kite Beach. With conducive conditions for kitesurfing, it is a part of Dubai tour packages and makes for a great experience. Head here for paddle-boating, kayaking and a ‘bumpy’ experience at the outdoor Dubai Trampoline Park.


To fully enjoy your Dubai holiday, you must also include the Dubai mall in your Dubai tour packages. The venue for the largest shopping festival, the mall is one of the biggest malls in UAE. What’s great is that besides shopping, you can explore the spectacular Underwater Zoo and Dubai Aquarium here, also a part of Dubai tour packages. With over 300 species of marine life, the aquarium is a truly memorable experience. Said to be the largest suspended aquarium in the world, it is home to the largest collection of Sand Tiger Sharks in the world. For the more adventurous, you can include snorkelling and a shark dive in your Dubai tour package.


Away from soothing blue waters, visitors can enjoy a thrilling sand dune safari! A popular activity and part of almost all Dubai tour packages, the Desert Safari is no easy feat. Under the unforgiving heat of the sun, through sand storms, visitors are taken around the desert in a jeep. As you are bouncing and tumbling your way through small and big sand-dunes, you can’t help but enjoy the adrenaline rush the safari offers.

Dubai Travel Blogs

Have you ever wondered how some people know just the right places to visit in dubai or find the most beautiful cafes in a city? It’s through other travellers! The best secrets are passed from traveller to traveller and we truly believe it is the best way to travel. Go through some of our Dubai travel blogs before you plan your Dubai trip and book your Dubai tour package.


“Take in the tantalizing smell of Kebabs smothered in spices, watch as the glass facade of the Marina give way to a night sky right out of an Arabian tale, complete with gently swaying Dhows at anchor.”


Rakhi Jerly

“Dubai cannot be described in one word. All the above adjectives describe this vibrant city. It's a city with a vision which has transformed itself from a fishing & trading village into a cosmopolitan city known for its architecture, technology & innovation.”


Butterfly Travel Treat

“You’ll be surprised at how much this city has to offer to the adrenaline junkies young and old, who come from around the globe to experience world class adventure sports in a desert.”

Aditi Jana

Most Recent Dubai Reviews

Before booking your dream Dubai holiday package, read honest reviews from travellers on Tripoto. Check out their experience and find inspiration to plan your next big holiday in this beautiful destination. Know about the best things to experience, exciting places to explore and the best food to try in Dubai. Also get familiarised with some unexplored destinations in this amazing city.

Glitzy Dubai is the holiday hotspot of United Arab Emirates. High-rise buildings, shopping malls and outrageous attractions has transformed this desert outpost to the most revered destination for tourists from around the world. You can explore Dubai attractions solo, with your partner, with friends and even with your family. It has something for everyone who visits it. Sunshine, seas, deserts, shopping and a whole lot of fun has positioned Dubai as the destination du-jour. Home to the world's tallest buildings, biggest shopping malls and largest man-made islands, Dubai is one destination that you can visit time and again.<br> With flights as cheap as Rs. 12,000 for a round trip from Delhi, Dubai is not a distant dream anymore. You can literally hop on a plane any time you wish and even use this glittering UAE jewel as a quick weekend getaway. And many of us have. Maybe that's why Dubai keeps coming up with more and more attractions every year, to keep the stream of tourists excited and entice the ones who have visited the city a few times, to come back.<br> So, if you are one of those who feel like you've seen the top sights of Dubai, and even the offbeat ones, read on to know why you need to visit this interesting city again. Breakfast with falcons, riding a bike under water, dining inside vintage cars or a visit to the indoor theme park, Dubai is lit with the latest attractions and you just can't miss it!<br> Unmissable Dubai Attractions<br>
Our first stop was the Dubai airport. It's not very difficult to realise why it's one of the world's busiest for international travel. Dubai has established itself as a shopping hub of the world. The terminal feels, more like a mall, with all its duty free products and frantic buyers. Being in the middle east only helps it cause. Most airlines have a stop here and hence, people of various nationalities can be seen.<br>
Dubai – the desert capital of the world. Towering skyscrapers, glistening shopping malls and a dynamic cosmopolitan life right in the centre of desert. A four to five-day short trip is more than sufficient to enjoy the city and an extra day if you wish to go to Abu Dhabi. Here is my recommended itinerary which covers all key attractions and relaxing.<br>
If you are travelling to Europe, USA or the UK, and travelling via Emirates, chances are you will have a stopover in Dubai. If you're travelling to USA, you can get a visa on arrival. But if you are travelling to any other destination, you need to apply for a transit visa beforehand. You can know more about it and apply here.<br>

Dubai Weather And Best Time To Visit

Dubai is a hot city with the sun shining bright throughout the year. If you are planning to book your Dubai tour package, you will find that the best season to visit Dubai is from November to December. This is also when Dubai holiday packages are the most expensive.


If you don’t mind the heat and will be comfortable under the sun, you can also choose to go between December to February. January and February is the time when the popular Dubai Shopping Festival takes place and most Dubai holiday packages are customised so you can enjoy the festival to the fullest.



The weather in Dubai is not going to be cool so we suggest to carry light cottons, a bag full of colourful scarves and head out with your best sunscreen.

Dubai For Family and Friends

A popular destination to explore with family and friends, a trip to Dubai promises an action-packed vacation, especially with the wide range of Dubai tour packages. If you are travelling with your friends in a large group or are looking at a family vacation, there are a lot of things you can plan and include in your Dubai tour package which gives you the best of everything. From shopping in Dubai’s glittering malls to exploring the marvels in the city and venturing out for a skydiving trip or a desert safari – you’ll be spoilt for choice. For a memorable experience of Dubai’s local life, do remember to choose Dubai holiday packages so you can explore the places in the city as well as the delicious street food the city offers.

Local Cuisine In Dubai

Inspired by Lebanese and Arabic cuisines, the local cuisine in Dubai is a mix of different cultures. Owing to its foreign population and a huge number of tourists, the country has adapted itself to serve an array of international cuisines. In fact, all Dubai tour packages include a trip to the city’s famous local eating joints as well as some of the better-known restaurants in Dubai.  From Asian to Continental to Italian, all restaurants in Dubai serve a variety of dishes. For non-vegetarians, street food in Dubai is a memorable gastronomical journey with stuffed camel, al-harees, manousheh and chelo kebab.


If, on the other hand, you are a vegetarian, you can go in for a big safe platter of hummus and pita bread served with fresh vinaigrette salad and falafel. If you have booked Dubai tour packages, chances are that your Dubai package will include trips to vegetarian local restaurants depending on your preferences. For vegetarians and vegans, even though there are customised Dubai tour packages for restaurants, we suggest the flavoursome veg pizza and crispy burritos done to perfection at some of the local Dubai joints. There are quite a few good restaurants in Dubai and for a memorable experience, we recommend Tom & Serg for their easy, innovative recipes, Teatro for its unique menu and Pierchic for its mesmerising views.

Visa for Dubai

Dubai is undoubtedly the shopping capital of Asia and its majestic man-made marvels like Burj or the Palm Jumeirah are a treat to visit. For Indians travelling to Dubai, a visa for United Arab Emirates is required. Before you book your Dubai tour package, you need to understand a few basic requirements for your Dubai visa.


Visa is not issued by the UAE embassy on ordinary passports. A tourist visa for Indian nationals with an ordinary passport (non-diplomatic) can only be arranged by a sponsor in UAE. These tourist visas can also be obtained through your hotel booking in UAE, through the Emirates Airlines Office, the Air Arabia Office and the simplest option – through a travel agent in India. Before you book your Dubai tour package, make sure you refer to the UAE embassy website and contact a trusted travel agent or request your hotel to obtain a tourist visa for Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can visit the popular tourist attractions of Dubai such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, Jumeirah Beach, Atlantis and Palm with our Dubai holiday packages. You can also indulge in luxury and hedonism by going on a shopping spree at The Dubai Mall and live the time of your life at the various happening clubs of Dubai such as Cavalli and Boudoir with the Dubai holiday packages listed on Tripoto. Our Dubai tour packages include a panoramic tour of the magnificent skyscrapers, golden deserts and white-sand beaches of Dubai. Art and history lovers can also visit Bastakia Quarter with our Dubai packages.

Dubai is located near Tropic of Cancer and has a hot climate throughout the year. You can book Dubai tour packages for the months of  November and December when the temperature is comparatively pleasant. If you enjoy sunny days, you can book Dubai packages between December and February. The ever-shining sun in Dubai makes it the perfect destination for some beach fun. You can book our Dubai packages for visiting the various beaches of Dubai and indulging in water sports. January and February are also among the popular months to visit Dubai due to the famous Dubai Shopping Festival that takes place here. You can book Dubai holiday packages on Tripoto for a delightful holiday during the best months.

Dubai has a wide variety of accommodation options, ranging from luxury to budget hotels. Depending on your budget, you can opt for a luxurious stay at one of the opulent hotels of Dubai such as Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah, FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel and Palazzo Versace Dubai at Jaddaf Waterfront. You can also book budget hotels with our Dubai holiday packages. Hotels such as Dubai Palm Hotel, Hotel Ibis World Trade Centre Dubai, Citymax Hotel Bur Dubai and Arabian Park Hotel are the popular budget hotels in Dubai. Hotels listed under our Dubai tour packages also include 3-star hotels such as Howard Johnson Bur.

Dubai is the hub of exciting outdoor activities. You can book our Dubai packages and indulge in exciting activities such as sand dune safari, kitesurfing and tandem sky-diving. You can also select our Dubai packages for indulging in water sports such as surfing and jet skiing.

Our Dubai packages make sure that you can enjoy the authentic culture of Dubai, and that includes the local cuisine of Dubai. You can try out popular non-vegetarian dishes such as Manousheh, Iranian Sangak, Chelo Kebab and Al Harees. Vegetarians can also find a huge variety of dishes in Dubai. You can relish vegetarian dishes such as Tabbouleh, Kousa Mahshi, Shirin Polo and Baba Ganoush with our Dubai holiday packages.

The Dubai packages listed on Tripoto can range from budget packages to luxury packages. Depending on the amenities and inclusions, you can find Dubai holiday packages starting from ₹16,000.

Dubai is home to gorgeous beaches that offer a tranquil atmosphere and breathtaking sunset views. You can visit popular beaches such as Sunset Beach, The Beach by JBR, Kite Beach and La Mer with our Dubai packages.

The Dubai tour packages listed on Tripoto include a tour of popular tourist attractions such as Underwater Zoo and Dubai Aquarium as well as allow you to enjoy one of Dubai’s cultural shows. Many of our Dubai holiday packages also include airfare, internal transfers and a wide range of accommodation options.

The national currency of Dubai is UAE Dirham. 1 UAE Dirham is equivalent to INR 18.9. Many of our Dubai holiday packages offer assistance in currency exchange, making the process a hassle-free affair for travellers. It is suggested that during your trip to Dubai, you should carry small denominations for easy transactions.

Indians require a visa for travelling to the United Arab Emirates. Before booking Dubai holiday packages, you should pay attention to the following requirements for a Dubai Visa:
Visa is not issued by the UAE embassy on ordinary passports
A tourist visa for Indian nationals with an ordinary passport can only be arranged by a sponsor in UAE
Before you book your Dubai holiday packages, make sure you refer to the UAE embassy website